Historic Home Tours

When we say you’ll have a grand time in Historic Columbus, we really mean grand. Daily tours of our impeccable historic and architectural gems offer a one-of-a-kind experience that you’ll want to enjoy again and again.

During the Civil War, Columbus opened its churches and homes to the wounded. While other cities were ravaged, its status as a “hospital town” left the historic homes, along with their contents, untouched.

From grand antebellum plantations to Italianate in-town mansions, discover Columbus’ historic homes and book your tour today. Admission fees apply. Daily schedules and information are available by calling Visit Columbus, (800) 327-2682 or (662) 329-1191, or the Tennessee Williams Home and Welcome Center, (855) 254-2898 or (662) 328-0222.

Amzi Love (c.1848)

305 7th Street South Columbus, MS (Directions)
Call: (662) 328-5413

Rosedale (c.1856)

1523 9th Street South Columbus, MS (Directions)
Call: (662) 328-0222

Rosewood Manor & Gardens (c. 1835)

719 Seventh Street North Columbus, MS (Directions)
Call: (662) 328-7313

Stephen D. Lee Home & Museum (c. 1847)

316 Seventh Street North Columbus, MS (Directions)
Call: (662) 327-8888

Temple Heights (c. 1837)

515 Ninth Street North Columbus, MS (Directions)
Call: (800) 920-3533

Tennessee Williams Home & Welcome Center

300 Main Street Columbus, MS (Directions)
Call: (662) 328-0222

Waverley Plantation Mansion (c. 1852)

1852 Waverley Mansion Road Columbus, MS (Directions)
Call: (662) 494-1399

Whitehall (c. 1843)

607 3rd Street South Columbus, MS (Directions)
Call: (800) 920-3533

Spring Pilgrimage

We welcome you to join us in Columbus for the 79th Annual Spring Pilgrimage March 28-April 6, 2019 – an award-winning event that has been widely recognized as one…

Jackie O’ House

1700 9th St. South, Columbus, MS (Directions)
Call: (662) 327-5100

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Puckett House

1100 College Street, Columbus, MS (Directions)
Call: (662) 329-7126

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