Fishing & Boating

Columbus is a location licensed to thrill with world-class fishing, boating and water sports. In fact, our fishing tournaments have drawn anglers from across the nation, just one of the many reasons that make Columbus the perfect place to dive in for “reel-world” excitement.

Columbus Lake on Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway

US Army Corps of Engineers, West Plymouth Road, Columbus, MS (Directions)
Call: (662) 328-7075

Columbus Lock & Dam East Bank

1168-, 4214 Lock and Dam Rd, Columbus, MS (Directions)
Call: (662) 245-5500

Dewayne Hayes Recreation Area & Campground

7934 Barton Ferry Rd, Columbus, MS 39705 (Directions)
Call: (662) 434-6939

Lake Lowndes State Park / Opossum Trail

3319 Lake Lowndes Road Columbus, MS (Directions)
Call: (662) 328-2110

Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway

3606 West Plymouth Road Columbus, MS (Directions)
Call: (662) 328-3286

Columbus Marina

295 Marina Dr, Lock and Dam Rd, Columbus, MS 39705 (Directions)
Call: (662) 327-8450

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